Wired / Tired / Expired, May 2014 edition

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So, here’s the May edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews:

Small wine appellations (see below) Microbrews Quasi- but very failed hip beers from global brand breweries
For the discovery of them. See below Most are technically drinkable but no more than gimmicks in taste. Awww, they’re as hip as LOLcats!
French, Italian, Spanish (very) small appellations Eastern European wines New world wines
Côtes de Toul, for one. Various Savoie sub-appellations. Knowing your way around Italy’s appellation-per-village / -anthill landscape. The many (sub)regions in Spain. The better quality Luxembourg reds (and whites). Try them, and be begeistert! (Oh, German – still ever so tending to over-sweetness… jammie US/Aussie taste failure) The very few good ones, they keep for themselves. The easy currency inflow, they dump on us. [Sigh] Apart from a very few, still very boring, boorishly simple.
Teen Twitter Terror Threat Bugs like Heartbleed Snowden et al.
Because the panic. By one tweet. Out of …? What if (among) the others (there) are encoded similar ones..? Dude, that’s sooo 1980-2013 (give or take some years); self-referential. From the Eastern front, no news. (Unless one would count the many same messages and very, very long spun out aftermath. Tire to kill ..?
Back to the absolute multi of multimedia Game of Thrones Mad Men
Back to the explosion of formats to communicate through; i.e., not only social media but all forms blended, off-line, online, text, video, paper, F2F, just anything, mixed ad hoc. Frantically searching for the right format – per sound bite. Yeah, yeah, just kill eachother already. Might have stayed fun when it would have some actual history. The mehhh of series.
Home cooking Street food French. Or pure Thai.
Because, if (!) one can, this is best, in quality of ingredients and control to not have the bad ones of those (e.g., salt… light if any, not tons to extract flavour from bland wholesale stuff). Pure Markets, hipster cooking vans, et al. Watch out, the hoi polloi of wannabe classy but middle-aged mediocre-minded drones are picking up and overflowing the area with passive-agressive bitchiness..! There’s so much more specialised kitchens – that actually are purely themselves, not still simpled-over-to-fake(!)-narrowminded-average tastes.
Home garden vegetables Bio (-dynamic / organic) veggies Plain supermarket veggies
The purity – of pleasure in seeing them grow, in nurturing. Passive-aggressive B12-insufficients, couldn’t feed the tiniest part of the world population if they’d try to roll their methods out beyond their little kindergarten acre. Semi-purified water, supplemented with E-numbers to add flavour.
OK, one more for this month, on the tech side:
Software Defined everything Managed security services SIEM / IAM
Because abstraction is good for business; mixing less under-standing, less overview and more complexity and (hence) much error-proneness (if that is a word). If they weren’t managed already, move over to Little League / Internal or external, what’s the difference ..! (fundamentally) Process nay procedures infrastructure driven by erstwhile point solutions. Yeah, baby, fire up the klesydra!
And a final one, to throw it in here by lack of a better place
Google Now Siri Dragon
Going strong, and working Joked about often enough. May have started to work i.e., not too little anymore, but too late. Same, big time; desktop oriented hence mehhh.

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

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