The Boring Wine Inn (3 @MichelinGuides stars)

Maybe the relevance of Michelin stars, and accompanying guide, would increase if,
Apart from losing the numbing down, bland-isation of any food innovation by chefs to a style that is either Boring in itself already or a quick to wear off gimmick, that obtaining or even striving for a star(s) often turns into, just to please the judges and don’t forget a bucket of salt (yes, don’t lie to me)
The wine list were innovative, too. By which I don’t mean that the wine list couldn’t have some classics but where the all but most insanely priced items (all tend to sit at some 4-8 times cost anyway, extortionistly – bring that down to 2-3x and your profits go throught the roof all the same) have something new. Fresh, beyond the well-trodden paths. The latter, being the average+ quality (if one’s lucky) of the go-with-the-flow (of up to and including last year’s fashion) appelations – with too many New World ones that are so cheap to get. Or from secondary regions of the Old World where the top can still be had at below-top priced – but still with according interestingness of taste. All from the mid-size to big merchants that don’t care anymore about their products and just want to shove as many boxes as they can at incumbent-tied-in margins. Their tell: Aggression towards any that want to offer something off the wine menu for connaisseurs.
As if the chef’s innovation that once was, is enough to stay at the level that once was, qua quality and freshness one wants from top rated places. News flash: The wines can add to the experience. Big time. If one doesn’t see that, well, off you go.
And it also goes for the wine pairing / selection by the glass; how better to showcase one’s innovative wine choices in perfect matches per course ..?
Why not feel free to ask customers for their wine sophistication and preferences? Only a handful of sommeliers seem to understand. Almost all, at the true top places, without food stars.
[One notable exception encountered, in a long life of many attempts…]
[Edited to add, elsewhere: this place. A drain on your balance, but then …! What great (9) dishes, what excellent wine choices and pairing, even in the ‘simple’ recommended wine pairing.]

So that in the end we may see the return of the true relevance of stars, and see less overhyped craze over joints that suddenly get overbooked way too long in advance and start to double their prices – for nothing of the new but only the already mundane that satisfies only those running after Keeping Up With The Jones’ (“Do you know this-and-that [ill-pronounced] wine maker? Isn’t he great oh we once tasted his [name a random year], I’m on a personal basis with him because I was at the camping on the mudfield next to his’.” – no joke, heard too often in literal or similar ways…) places. Ruining it for true believers from the humble beginnings.

Oh well, and:
[If you know where, you know what I mean. Wink wink and all. Bourgogne yes but which Clos’ ?]

Arms / race coming to an end ..?

When this is still necessary and (counter)x-measures will continu to be developed, for sure, how will this little nugget of WP29 change things?
Because it has power. That may lead to a throwback. For how long? The harder the throwback, the longer to recover. But the more powerful will be that rebound ..? We’ll see. For now, canvas blockers are still the way forward, so implement them, right?

This post was brought to you as a public service announcement from the sanity of browsing for information security and privacy blog you’re reading.
But seriously, why is there so little analysis of the WP29-on-Profiling stuff ..!? And:

What we all want / need …

Just as a simple link. If (sic) you understand, you’ll understand what you, we, all need, crave.

Yes indeed that’s all. Plus:
[More than just the Montanges …]

Intermission: Non-sabreur

Just to get the word out on the ‘tradition’ of wasting a good drink in useless pomp and of which I will not partake.
Because maybe in France, Napoleontic petit bourgeois wannabe chevaliers were at some time de rigeur. But not elsewhere. Elsewhere, class (of the kind between one’s ears and in one’s heart) is valued and recognised over the loudmouthing and bluffing over one’s fear of not being recognised as toff – as if the ‘toffs’ one sees, are, with the single exceptions.

So, one stays away from bad manners. Of which this sabrer/sabler (sic) with its proletariat-to-power origins and opportunistically grabbing ‘style’ that approaches John Dalberg / Acton proof, is part, sometimes exposing the current-day ‘money only, zero class’ upstarts. Hence.[Now there‘s class.]

Wired / Tired / Expired, September 2014 edition

[Not as much from another planet as from half a century ago]

Yes we’re back with this; here’s the September edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag; see what you missed this Summer:

Humanity Analytics Cloud
The latest wave is about humanity again, fortunately, as the first signals of a massive increase of human vs. machine intelligence and capabilities, precursors of a societal debate on the singularity or the parts of its checkered implementation (timeline) hopefully, come out into the open. Via the predicted AI integration bubbling up everywhere. All aboard the night train. It keeps on running, and so are some. But not necessarily you. It’s just that the whole thing has become too diffuse to still get a grip on. So media attention has been lost. Not totalitarian’s attention – civil rights movementers (movers?) watch out. If you think this is still hot, or even hype, you belong in the Museum of Ancient History
Note-taking in paper notebooks Note-taking on tablets Note-taking on laptops
Yes, moving beyond the sect of St. Steve …! As per the above, the Slow Living idea, as elaborated into the co-operation/-everything environments of organizational life, is spreading. For the good of mankind. Also, this, and #4 of this. A fool with a tool is still a tool. You Late Majority! And, it’s going this way. Hopefully. Hm, valid, for professional note-takers. Not for the casual meeting browsers, though.
Instant hyper-amateur ‘shops Memes GIFs (-as-Jifs),
tied with
Viral videos
0,15 seconds of fame. Expressing the idea, permanence not as much. Which is efficient and (hence?) laudable in its own way. I don’t often need to explain, but if I do … Memes may have been a full product (sic) cycle that many may have missed completely. Who has time for those? To make, to take.
Don’t care Dissing ‘mainstream’ Digging Hip
(incl Beards…)
Just be yourself. Ensure that’s enough. For you. Having become mainstream, it’s a Tu Quoque (jokes on yourself) now. Ehhh, you were backpacking for half a year in an area without WiFi or something..!?!? How could you do that, and not recover in half a day?
Deca. Or reading classical, well-bound hardcover books. PDF reading Kindle et al.
As in this.
And, the ultimate long-form, reading classics of all ages as treasured elements of Culture. The humanity and its wisdom that transpires through the centuries.
For the operational content. Nothing else. Nice try, but on its way to the great heap of just-didn’t-make-it-to-be-great-inventions.
Deal with it Dogue What Happen
In the Why Should I Care What Your Problems Are They Won’t Go Away If Not When I Would Much annoy. Moved into this sector.
Modern tech moving into business 3D printing for gadgetry IoT promises
As in: Apple joining forces with IBM, Microsoft re-invigorating its business offerings, et al. As in this fad(s); sad. Spoils the idea instead of pushing widespread household use Sort of the same hypepromises not being delivered by far while we would still wanted to have it all happen(ed).
NASA’s UFO Amazon drone delivery Attack of the Drones
Woot! We humans are finally making it happen ourselves …!? Maybe it will happen. Maybe not. What increase in service ..? Now that it’s a fact; have we learned how to deal with it …? (I mean, in a way that would let us stay comfortable even if brought home ubiquitously?)

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

Wired / Tired / Expired, August 2014 edition

[‘oliday snapshot, underadvertised]

So, here’s the August edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag:

Not. I’m taking a holiday break on this. Will be back per September to hit you with my rhythm stick seriously important, and interesting, trends of the month.

OK, one then, in simple format:

Wired Tired Expired
Pivoting Pitching Business Idea without Plan
As ‘invented’ in 1985 or so. Now suddenly… some business booklet became popular ..!? You know, like in 2, 1, … minutes. Uselessly brief, indeed. Sigh. What did you smoke, now legally?

And, maybe, a link to some article that goes into the T and E problematics somewhat further… here.
Hence, any suggestions for that Sept edition ..?

Wired / Tired / Expired, July 2014 edition

[This one I do know ’cause I’m from Barça]

So, here’s the July edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag and a shortie due to Summer:

Developing IoT methodology, step by step Hyping IoT and wearables, not knowing the difference Hyping Big Data
As here. Just track this, this and this page. Do I really need to explain this ..?
Security breaches are normal APTs Privacy
We’re getting used to massive data leakage; don’t care too much anymore. Outrage ..? Not so much. Just mass abandonment. ’cause they’re so hard to tackle, people lose interest. But still they’re out there. In with you. Yeah, yeah. New EU regulations will mean massive changes. But only after they will arrive. Someday.
SBR/XBRL (still)
incl Continuous (extremely (ad hoc) sliced and/or granualar) Assurance
Services diversification Quarterly EBITDA
Finally, finally it begins to dawn; the breakthrough of ideas re this, as prof. Verkruijsse already knew. Will lead to fuzzy positioning, same price pitch, bland results. Really? Who would still be interested …? The geriatric demographic will no longer be interest(ed).
Business canvases (rapidly changing) No business plans, just an idea to pitch to VCs Business cases
Since the world changes so fast, and you should know where you come from and where you’re (thinking you’re) going even if the picture isn’t crystal clear and constantly changing. The odd side out; too vague, will not be acceptable. Show me one that isn’t a great big lie.
Suits Good Wife Matlock (reruns)
Witty, yet showing vulnerabilities and for once, somewhat subtle pointers to actual slightly vulnerable personalities. Has gone into repeat mode. Just stale, man.
Locally produced Superfoods Wheat grass
Nearshoring of your food supply; keeping the logistics to a minimum, and close to your environment. You did not miss the bombardment of debunking scientific articles on these, did you? Goes in with Birkenstocks (see below)
Vinho Verde Grüner Veltliner / Prosecco Rosé
Ah, how refreshing for the season! Brosecco, both. Austria tried but, see, it’s not (only) about the grape, it’s much much more also about Quality. Which always, always, ends up being way too sweet when ‘unfreezing’ to doable temperatures.
Havaianas / Juichpak (tie) Regular flipflops Birkenstocks
W now, but will be forgotten next month… Dork-style. Or top right of:
Don’t forget the goat hair socks…

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

Wired / Tired / Expired, June 2014 edition

[A mixed bag but me know nothing, I’m from Barcelona Madrid]

So, here’s the June edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag:

#ditchcyber APTs Cyber! Cyber! Cyberthis, cyberthat, cybereverywhere
Most certainly, this is still W.
Maybe shouldn’t have been. But is.
They were meant to be here to stay.
So they do.
There’s even an interesting popular song about this!
Mind-controlled bionics / Sensors (tie) IoT / Wearables Weaponised drones / Drones for deliveries
Once these get sorted out, we’re all doomed. Because we’ll not prep our society in advance of quick enough. Fact, from history.
After this, Fukuyama will be right after all.
All talk, no full-scope delivery. Laggerd panic, these ones.
White asparagus Green asparagus Noma
The ultimate, from the Aragon to Holland reach. Underestimated, neglected, by those who don’t know the product well enough. Not ‘the’ asparagus. Just the typical second choice. Eat your own ants. Exposure of decadence.
Drought in CA CO weed LGBT =
After the tiny snow pack, drought throughout CA and neighbouring states. See the panic. Dude, relax! Done deal, mellow! Equality spreading, overdue, now an unstoppable avalanche. Hence E.
BnpzKOsCMAAQYBm NAkjglc h626FCB52
In its lens- and other forms. Yes there’s innovation in there …! As Coin, still under W, though Overused

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

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