Wired / Tired / Expired, July 2014 edition

[This one I do know ’cause I’m from Barça]

So, here’s the July edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag and a shortie due to Summer:

Developing IoT methodology, step by step Hyping IoT and wearables, not knowing the difference Hyping Big Data
As here. Just track this, this and this page. Do I really need to explain this ..?
Security breaches are normal APTs Privacy
We’re getting used to massive data leakage; don’t care too much anymore. Outrage ..? Not so much. Just mass abandonment. ’cause they’re so hard to tackle, people lose interest. But still they’re out there. In with you. Yeah, yeah. New EU regulations will mean massive changes. But only after they will arrive. Someday.
SBR/XBRL (still)
incl Continuous (extremely (ad hoc) sliced and/or granualar) Assurance
Services diversification Quarterly EBITDA
Finally, finally it begins to dawn; the breakthrough of ideas re this, as prof. Verkruijsse already knew. Will lead to fuzzy positioning, same price pitch, bland results. Really? Who would still be interested …? The geriatric demographic will no longer be interest(ed).
Business canvases (rapidly changing) No business plans, just an idea to pitch to VCs Business cases
Since the world changes so fast, and you should know where you come from and where you’re (thinking you’re) going even if the picture isn’t crystal clear and constantly changing. The odd side out; too vague, will not be acceptable. Show me one that isn’t a great big lie.
Suits Good Wife Matlock (reruns)
Witty, yet showing vulnerabilities and for once, somewhat subtle pointers to actual slightly vulnerable personalities. Has gone into repeat mode. Just stale, man.
Locally produced Superfoods Wheat grass
Nearshoring of your food supply; keeping the logistics to a minimum, and close to your environment. You did not miss the bombardment of debunking scientific articles on these, did you? Goes in with Birkenstocks (see below)
Vinho Verde Grüner Veltliner / Prosecco Rosé
Ah, how refreshing for the season! Brosecco, both. Austria tried but, see, it’s not (only) about the grape, it’s much much more also about Quality. Which always, always, ends up being way too sweet when ‘unfreezing’ to doable temperatures.
Havaianas / Juichpak (tie) Regular flipflops Birkenstocks
W now, but will be forgotten next month… Dork-style. Or top right of:
Don’t forget the goat hair socks…

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

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