Book by Quote: David, mostly plus some Goliath

In the series of Book by Quote’s, I was to enter the quotes from Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath here.

But then, I have the Dutch version (was a gift). And, of all of it, I only would have three (3) quotes to share. Because, after the Introduction, it all became Boring so quickly that I found little to share…

But hey, for you there’s always:
[Wintery feelz, right ..?]

Then, for the ones among you who could hold out past the picture, here’s my take on the back-translation of the three quotes I found interesting…:

This is called the Principle of Legitimacy and legitimacy depends on three things. Firstly, those that are asked to bow to the authority, should have the feeling they have a voice and they are listened to when they speak up. Secondly, the rules must be predictable. There must be a serious expectation that the rules will be about the same tomorrow as they are today. And thirdly, the authority must be equitable and fair. One group shall not be treated different from another.

Hence, power should be seen as legitimate, or it will have an adverse effect.

Kennedy writes: The point with deterrence is that it’s about what it means for transgressors and potential transgressors. It is about how they see the rewards, risks and trade-offs.

And that’s it. Not even the main line of the books, that is repeated ad nauseam by returning to a select few examples ad nauseam. That are the select few well-known ones, because they are the exceptions, maybe …!?
Glad to have read the book, to have it off my list and to be able to validly claim to have read it (all), but let’s move on…

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