What we all want / need …

Just as a simple link. If (sic) you understand, you’ll understand what you, we, all need, crave.

Yes indeed that’s all. Plus:
[More than just the Montanges …]

Intermission: Non-sabreur

Just to get the word out on the ‘tradition’ of wasting a good drink in useless pomp and of which I will not partake.
Because maybe in France, Napoleontic petit bourgeois wannabe chevaliers are/were the rigeur. But not elsewhere. Elsewhere, class (of the kind between one’s ears and in one’s heart) is valued and recognised over the bigmouthing and bluffing over one’s fear of not being recognised as toff – as if the toffs one sees, are with the single exceptions.

So, one stays away from bad manners. Of which this sabrer/sabler (sic) with its proletariat-to-power origins and opportunistically grabbing ‘style’ that approaches John Dalberg / Acton proof, is part, sometimes exposing the current-day ‘money only, zero class’ upstarts. Hence.

[Now, there‘s class.]

Maverisk / Étoiles du Nord