Wired / Tired / Expired, September 2014 edition

[Not as much from another planet as from half a century ago]

Yes we’re back with this; here’s the September edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag; see what you missed this Summer:

Humanity Analytics Cloud
The latest wave is about humanity again, fortunately, as the first signals of a massive increase of human vs. machine intelligence and capabilities, precursors of a societal debate on the singularity or the parts of its checkered implementation (timeline) hopefully, come out into the open. Via the predicted AI integration bubbling up everywhere. All aboard the night train. It keeps on running, and so are some. But not necessarily you. It’s just that the whole thing has become too diffuse to still get a grip on. So media attention has been lost. Not totalitarian’s attention – civil rights movementers (movers?) watch out. If you think this is still hot, or even hype, you belong in the Museum of Ancient History
Note-taking in paper notebooks Note-taking on tablets Note-taking on laptops
Yes, moving beyond the sect of St. Steve …! As per the above, the Slow Living idea, as elaborated into the co-operation/-everything environments of organizational life, is spreading. For the good of mankind. Also, this, and #4 of this. A fool with a tool is still a tool. You Late Majority! And, it’s going this way. Hopefully. Hm, valid, for professional note-takers. Not for the casual meeting browsers, though.
Instant hyper-amateur ‘shops Memes GIFs (-as-Jifs),
tied with
Viral videos
0,15 seconds of fame. Expressing the idea, permanence not as much. Which is efficient and (hence?) laudable in its own way. I don’t often need to explain, but if I do … Memes may have been a full product (sic) cycle that many may have missed completely. Who has time for those? To make, to take.
Don’t care Dissing ‘mainstream’ Digging Hip
(incl Beards…)
Just be yourself. Ensure that’s enough. For you. Having become mainstream, it’s a Tu Quoque (jokes on yourself) now. Ehhh, you were backpacking for half a year in an area without WiFi or something..!?!? How could you do that, and not recover in half a day?
Deca. Or reading classical, well-bound hardcover books. PDF reading Kindle et al.
As in this.
And, the ultimate long-form, reading classics of all ages as treasured elements of Culture. The humanity and its wisdom that transpires through the centuries.
For the operational content. Nothing else. Nice try, but on its way to the great heap of just-didn’t-make-it-to-be-great-inventions.
Deal with it Dogue What Happen
In the Why Should I Care What Your Problems Are They Won’t Go Away If Not When I Would Much annoy. Moved into this sector.
Modern tech moving into business 3D printing for gadgetry IoT promises
As in: Apple joining forces with IBM, Microsoft re-invigorating its business offerings, et al. As in this fad(s); sad. Spoils the idea instead of pushing widespread household use Sort of the same hypepromises not being delivered by far while we would still wanted to have it all happen(ed).
NASA’s UFO Amazon drone delivery Attack of the Drones
Woot! We humans are finally making it happen ourselves …!? Maybe it will happen. Maybe not. What increase in service ..? Now that it’s a fact; have we learned how to deal with it …? (I mean, in a way that would let us stay comfortable even if brought home ubiquitously?)

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

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