Who controls the Watsons…?

First, a picture for your viewing delight:
[Seems chaotic, yet navigable]

Who controls the Watsons in your pocket, once they arrive ..?
Anoher one triggered by Clive Thompson’s Smarter Than You Think: When not if Watson has morphed into a Software Defined Anything something small enough to fit on your mobile, just about everyone will use it in cyborg / centaur ways to augment oneself. This will require adaptation of the way one goes around in the world, and …
may create a dependence on the Machine, possibly a big one for those that had gained the most by this new ways.


  • Where will the database sit that hold all the info to be brute-force searched, in breath and depth ..?
    If it is local, then how are the inputs screened; are they, and by whom ..? Who would know anything about the stuff you/they miss out on ..? Homophilia (groupthink/narrowingmindedness) and its grave dangers.
    If it is somewhere remote, the control issues loom even larger. Yes, capacity-wise this may work much better. But the Central Scrutinizer (eternal thanks) may … will be the blue pills all around solultion …!
  • Even if primarily stored locally, who will have access to the images stored remotely for ‘backup purposes’ ..? Due to the enormous dependence that the PocketWatsons will create, backups are ‘more essential’ than ever, and by their nature must be kept at some distance. What a TLA wet dream would it be to lay their hands on yours…!

That’s only two questions that popped up already. There will be many more. And the answers …
Who will provide those, who will pick the best ones, who will decide what’s best ..!?

To Be Continued.

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