Boring Under 30s …

Just when you thought about getting into it, maybe, from somewhere near the bottom… One should be careful to know what the bottom looks like.
Qua diving into ‘Data Science’ quod non, that so many have put their personal hopes in, but … tempted how and why ..?

Earlier, I posted this, on how all the Fourth Estate – as far as independent and also focused on others that might still be independent, now apparently unwanted and to be turned into 4thE sheeple – wrote about how one would have to slave oneself to death for the most minute chance of Making It.

Then, news came around that actually, it seems like the Model doesn’t work anymore… In this more recent piece, and various linked posts (and external articles) therein.

Today, even more support for the above warning. Maybe not for some (e.g., him), that had the appropriate insights long ago already and surfaced to surf, if we may express it that way, and only still need to get a suitable spot – or this, if you know the place or (have) be(en) there.


Now then, I’ll leave you with the Today’s Link to study and weep, and:

[Not quite the above, but close …?? Just North of Siena]

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