Crazy ones

Here’s the idea: PA*[AI|1] + LC = Continuously adapting administration.

PA is of course Process Analysis, (greatly) enhanced with AI or not,
LC is Low Code, like these guys and gals do,
And the rest, well, when some system finds out on its own when and how to adapt procedures and processes previously baked rock solid into ERP [I mean, accounting] behemoths, it will be perfectly aligned with all the business that takes place out there outside of the system so all the bookkeeping that flows through it, will perfectly reflect actual business done.
All will be happy. Except maybe the accountant(s) that panic [no, certainly not picknick] over their own irrelevance re that all since the system is fully transparent to e.g., stock analysts, for the latters’ own slicing and dicing. Full transparency, taking away agency problems that created accountancy, as an agency problem squared.

You don’t believe me, do you? You think I care, don’t you?

Oh, and:

[Heck, was it this room or the other one ..? Quite a difference; Philly PA]

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