Cultural maturity – of organisations

Adding to the Maslow-for-organisations idea of December 3rd’s post; would it be possible to gauge an organization its maturity level by trying to establish its ‘score’ on the various pyramid layers (to be) established? Though immediately, I see trouble for the method where e.g., companies may get into (financial / freshness/motivational) trouble and sink back some layers. But then again, we may then look up in DSM-5 what ails the company, and find avenues to restore good health.

Hmmm, how is it that when thinking of corporate culture, one so quickly ends up at the mental disorder metaphor? And I jump in with the option of (boardroom consulting) intervention; highly profitable, for the firm if it hires me for that, and for me anyway.

So it seems not to hinge on the Maslow pyramid. Nevertheless, as diagnostic tool, it may help.

To keep you sane till I’ve fully developed the method:

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