Dronecatcher ..?

Was tinkering with ideas to get rid of drones around / over high-risk sites, e.g., critical infra (sites).

You know, like the radiant type of energy production.
Where drones pose a somewhat new but pesky risk. The newness, of course being not much of it when all sorts of attack with either plain vanilla or modified-to-autopilot RC controlled planes (possibly built in one’s garage) were around already and would hardly need any (suspicious) infra to take off and do their nefarious thing.
Though the proliferation of the new heli-style drones somehow raised the frequency/chance side of the risk equation. And, maybe, the ease of modding for sufficient tech capabilities of the kind you’d not want a.k.a. payload weights.

So, apart from the sudden realization that in times past, recent included, little did we know of the defenses surrounding critical infra against the classical winged type drones, we have the question: What now ..?

There seem to be two solutions required:
1. How to detect a drone, possibly rogue
1.5. How to handle false positives/negatives
2. How to down it.
Because I don’t color inside the lines only.

The first, might be feasible with some mini-/micro-installations of e.g., phased array radar in scan and track modes.
The second… My favorite would be a healthy dose of rounds, e.g., like a couple of full-on Goalkeepers around your install. Or have the lamo version of only (cross-?)beaming the GPS around your target out of the sky, or lasering it beyond melting point. These latter two might be the more difficult ones, qua aim/range specifity needed. But the former will probably not fly too well with overzealous environs freaks [note: not against the reasonable ones]. Oh well, we’ll just throw up some net structure when the threat is imminent — quick reloads available ..??

And there’s still the issue of not shooting two birds with(out) one drone. I.e., how to ensure you’re not offing all sparrows in a cloud, and miss the single drone’let that disturbed the birdies in the first place. Well, Why should I come up with the lame side-solutions ..?

[The unexpected, but disastrous scenario…]

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