Forever on Page 50

With all the talk about whatever ends up on the Internet, will be around to be found forever, there’s a couple of things:

  • It may be on the Internet still, however erased according to the Right to be Forgotten, but that doesn’t mean it can be found. When you’ve taken care to not re-raise attention too much, your shame-news will be on search results page 50+ and nobody will ever go there;
  • But then, if someone took care to actually download the items to some off-line storage, you’re doomed indeed. Yes I too have a lot of electronic files from 1-1-1980, a slew of them actually from around that time. Barely readable qua format but of course easily upgradable, script-wise.
  • Bots may be deployed, to compromise any site or so that has your want-disapperable info; may not be legal in all cases (could be, when an offline court ordered to be Forgotten…) but when the attention dies down, so few will want to restore your info once outdated. Society-beneficial to deploy ransomware on xyz-old site/db data ..?
  • Oh and the title certainly refers to your reading of Sloterdijk’s Spheres Part III as well, probably. Have past that point handsomely, but with considerable effort. Applies to Musil’s Man Without Qualities Part III (Vol. II) also.

But then:
??????????[A Cordoníu — note the accent! — may ‘save’ your sanity by unsaving your memory]

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