Frameworks, the inventions for …

[Sturdy volume, i.e., Rotjeknor]

… for hanging.

Most unfortunately, after the demise of SOx et al. (as in this and many other places) there still hasn’t been a decline in interest for ICT management frameworks.
Which is bad, because

  • The Odies of this ICT management world, that is, both the ‘managers’ themselves and all the hangers-on like consultants, internally and externally, compliance freaks, auditors, etc., will still require yet more implementations of ‘new’ frameworks that, luckily, are so much blown out of proportion that their giant bubble content has diluted to a level both easily implemented and ever more quickly demonstrated to be failing the achievement of original objectives. Much ado about nothing.
  • [But after so many rounds of failed framework implementations, why a. do you not realise that it’s stupid to even try, b. do you not fire all that were involved as they apparently didn’t deliver ..? The latter, as continuous renewal and improvement must have been part of the implementation all along, and that hasn’t happened …!]
  • The strive for framework implementation still takes all the resource away from growth avenues, to calcification practices.

Get over it! The world has never been more unstable than [pick your most recent timeframe you consider relevant, when less than one year …(!)] … I mean ever before. [Sorry for the warped sentence; you get my drift.]
Which means that the cozy cold (!) sitting still like a rabbit in the headlights that frameworks will coax you into, will not carry the day if it ever did (do you need the spoiler? : it didn’t). By stifling any other, maybe actualy innovative, useful-in-prepping-you-for-tomorrow projects as they get implemented, and afterwards in particular if they’re successful.

Would I hence advise to use frameworks?

  • I don’t, if you’d want to take them as more than rough guidance. Use your brain! Frameworks are what they are, they’re not filled-in voids in between.
    And/or I can, and want, to help.
  • I do, if you want to crucify yourself (sic) on them. Not trying to be harsh, but good riddance.

OK, now have a look at your own industry. Finance including (ever more) central(ised) banks, anyone ..? Ever more attempts to regulate, to smother in totalitairan bureaucratic control …? And still wondering why and how the disruptive greenfield ops take over?

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