Fun / stagnation

About the difference between boring and Inspirational! in business.

Old New
Process, procedures, work steps Request for direction
Compliance Demonstrating failure; to learn
Punishment for (anyone’s! esp. higher-ups’) failures Coaching towards more errors
Stepping out of line (even by casual remarks hinting at less than 100% drone motivation) is failure Pivoting (even for your contribution) is near-mandatory
Succes is obedience to the gallows Success is coming up with / doing the hitherto infeasible, unthinkable
The ones exploiting drones (licking up / kicking down) and (only) best versed at sticking to their chair, are promoted Promotion? We don’t do rank and file here; we like your creative more or less
You’re fired – just because you’re a number that turned up in the lottery – that’s held every couple of months because bosses are bored and utterly incapable of coming up with anything revenue-increasing i.s.o. cutting costs and shrinking is growing, right? Even when the shrinking cuts out exactly the very growth-enhancing competences you need ever more desparate. You’re allowed to pursue a career elsewhere, too but we don’t want to lose you. What can we do to make you like it even more here?
“(The ‘innovator’s dilemma’ is that ‘doing the right thing is the wrong thing.’) As Christensen saw it, the problem was the velocity of history, and it wasn’t so much a problem as a missed opportunity, like a plane that takes off without you, except that you didn’t even know there was a plane, and had wandered onto the airfield, which you thought was a meadow, and the plane ran you over during takeoff.” (as here; very instructive) The same.
Fade to grey “I’m Cool”

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