George Hamilton, VIII+, and Roderick W. Kennedy criticize the elites

“The elites have lost sight of the underlings.”

By William Mayflower

The American elites are playing havoc on Democracy. This harsh statement is issued by George Hamilton, VIII-and-counting, and Roderick Wendall Kennedy of the seventh consecutive lifetime U.S. Senator family branch. ‘The upper crust has completely lost it,’ as they write in a pamphlet that they graciously allowed the press to receive at their Jackson Hole cabin-of-sorts.

‘One should be sensible governors again,’ posits the Founding Father (heir) while taking a serious pinch from his snuff box. ‘The elites of today are much too cosy with the UN and IMF, and with the disconnected multiculturals.’ “Wendall Rod” concurs from atop Butch, his thoroughbred. ‘When one may see protests in the street, that will be all on the elites and as lords protector of democracy will have to drive the peasants back to Mexico again.’ His Colt Python E’s are fully loaded.

The right honorable gentlemen have come up with a solution to the arrogance of the elites. ‘The self-styled leaders should for one thing stop doling out leadership jobs to one another. It is about time that they pass the gavels of power to common men like us.’
[Original, in Dutch, on the Speld; translated with permission]

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