Going somewhere but where?

Which beats going nowhere. Like, where’s the hardware industry going?
If this is where it’s going, brace yourself, four seasons in one day’s coming.

On the serious side, where’s the hardware industry going? Are we through with yet other categories, from desktop to laptop to iPhony to iPad to notebook to notepad to bent screen mega-TVs to tilt-screen Chromebooks to slightly-larger-but-hardly-so-what’s-the-point-anyway phone screens …? Why can’t I still not assemble (sic) my equipment the way I want it?

And, I forgot Cloud in there, and Raspberry, and mainframe (heh, that one’s just for the joke), and …
Is there such a thing as a framework for discussing how this all fits together? A set of classifiers so one could draw up a matrix of options/feaures ..?

[Well that’s still fresh, but a one-off; Sculpture garden, DC]

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