Is it New (enough) ..?

After bemusement and annoyance with all Pokesheeple (They think trespassing (or worse) is OK in some game hunt? Preventative (hospital) detention is on order — no-one of their abilities is too stupid to not have to just stick to the law ..!), and the business model of selling simpleton crowd control to e.g., shopping malls has come out of the closet, my question is: How new is that ..?

Seriously; is it an ‘innovation’ that isn’t recognized (yet) as such, or is it a minor application of some other one’s idea ..? What (hopefully (??), non-game tied) variants can we expect in the near future ..? Or will we devolve into a real-life GTA game nation, with some 0,1%ers pulling all the strings?

Leaving you with this dystopian twist, but serious about the question before that, and with:
[Upside-down Voorburg]

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