Maslow for companies

Some first sketches of an idea that sprang to mind during some musings about (the feasibility of) schemes that classify maturity levels for companies, or organisations. The idea being that the common Maslow pyramid that, despite some critique here and there that usually points at critics’ misunderstanding of modeling and this model in particular, is still very much valid for establishment of personal preferences and comfort zones.
* Yes I do know the cultural variance in ‘it’.

But the idea quickly stalled due to lack of progress in the bottom layers of the OrgPsyPyramid – what comes first for e.g., start-ups; is that different for established organisations that are under threat of extinction due to disruptors and/or self-inflicted financial troubles ..? Is it market share (these days, a.k.a. active users), growth for growth sake, immediate positive cash flow (or the opposite; burn rate as a plume à l’honneur), or ..?

Hm, it’s time for:
DSCN5042[Tok’about old (?) and new classics]

The other layers, … will follow in a couple of weeks. Think traditional growth, market share, capitalization (or valuation), profits, foundation for longevity. But as we move up higher, as to be expected we’re entering the harder-to-understand regions, being the harder to define, implement and achieve ones too. If you would have some pointers to science already having been done; yes please I’d be happy to incorporate that. So, looking forward to your comments… (as if anyone would comment…)

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