Not even bread

Juvenalis was correct. But isn’t anymore.

People do still care for bread, and circuses, but the latter-day economy slowly degrades to only provide the latter. As in: The 0,1% (yes indeed, the next-0,9% is under threat as well) that consists of a handful of behind-the-scene creeps (as defined by Jaron Lanier) and a less than handful of Universe-scale lucky start-ups, run the economy, ‘jobs’, of the 5% petty work-slaves that are the ‘new’ generations of app developers and ‘disruptors’ (quod non) – let to play and claim some fame, until play time (circus) is over and the 0,1% reels in the money buckets. Never mind that income of the petty, was dismally low (“you shouldn’t want to earn, but grow..!”, right?). Never mind that this structure leads to no money buckets remaining anymore in the end. Never mind that the circuses lead to just about everyone believing they have a shot at fame – with enough ackonwledgement of history and historical facts, they would see that a. chances are so slim to none, very, very close to none; b. levelling would benefit hugely many more, and quicker, and would make all things more robust leaving time for actually gratifying societal actions.

As there’s a huge middle class of just-slightly-less-überhip to not-hip-at-all people that would want to work for bread – but either can’t find anything other than stale ever simpler jobs in stale ever more brittle companies (no circus shows at all) as long as the latter last (ever shorter) for ever less bread, or are pushed into Etsy Arcadia where barter and trade will not suffice to pay your mortgage for a long time if ever. Yes the latter is more fulfilling than comfortable (?? not.) numbness, but when (not if) leading to starvation of lower Maslow levels, will achieve much less accomplishment of higher M levels by default. And that’s still how we all roll… [In the Western world]

So… is there a middle ground, for the 94,9% in the middle when the middle ground they held, vanished and not much appeared yet ..? The ‘hope’is of course that the 0,1% will either tumble long before the Singularity, or the Singularity will overtake them…

OK, will lighten up…:
[Ávila, to keep the hordes out of the lush gardens ..?]

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