Not only Canadian

As you understand, that does not say ‘merely’, the ‘only’ is on purpose. That being the same as the lies that @transavia (Transavia, remember them?) came up with, when they:

  1. Let some pilot fly to a destination they knew would be more fervent in arresting him
  2. Told the passengers waiting there for the return flight that ‘there was something amiss with fueling’
  3. Did not have a fresh crew / pilot at hand; had to be flown in from NL after item 1 went down
  4. leading to a delay of something like 6 hours, that they should have been able to calculate, and communicate, beforehand ..!
  5. Supplied only a couple of lousy (value) vouchers, to but just a single sandwich per person/passenger, at an airport that literally almost completely closed down before the back-up crew arrived – those that didn’t redeem their vouchers in time, were left with junk food / bottled water (one item…) as their only options, and e.g., Customs, and other services, had gone home entirely.
  6. Never ever apologised (the ‘Sorry’ hinted at in the title) for the whole mess-up, lies and delay, or even debriefed on what actually went down or whatever, or duly! compensated. To the latter: I missed serious business opportunities because the next day, I wasn’t able to work as effectively as when I would have had a good night’s sleep… 5-figures damage.
  7. And no-one will expect them to clean up on the situation now the court case has settled and the new year has started.

Especially item 2, and item 6: Shame.

Oh wait, that’s why they fit in so well with AirFrance…

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