Plusquote: LogiC PA

Be ware, dear people. Recently, an accountant, of the CPA type, came with the following quote:

The partner model isn’t part of the problem with our industry sector, because look at banks; they left the partner model ages ago and still got into trouble recently.”

To think that such ‘logic’ considers themselves competent to even come within miles’ range of anything to do with money, let alone approving designed-for-hypercomplexity (with the hubris element in hyper) bookkeeping — as unfathomable complex as the finance sector had concocted by the quants, theoretical physicists that were experts in completely-outside-of-human-reality math … but hey, they hadn’t a partner model to shield them from reality …

Typical of the thing that brought POTUS-elect into Office. And the proper response here of course is to laugh in their face for their stupidity; so many (all?) religions and not-religions have the eternity of afterlife where the above will be punished to no end. Lost their soul, can’t be helped.

Oh well:

[Re-using an old one, and recalling a Clan song; from Porto’s Casa de Musica of course]

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