Possible, hence probable means

Why did it take so long for this to surface ..?
As the <link> mentions, steganography in images is detectable and tools are around to help – how many of you already use them on a regular basis, in times when LOLcat pics are so abundant (hint(?)) – but wasn’t it too obvious that the Bad (?) Guys knew that, too, before you the pithy defenders?

So, why?
Either the tools are around but not widespread enough, or as <link> suggests, other means might work better. But the other means… are as cumbersome to deploy, continuously, costly, for the short run for the slightest of changes that anything would be leaked in such a sophisticated way whereas we’re nowhere really nowhere near similar near-water-tight deployment of tooling and methodology against much simpler leaking methods. Leaving you in blissful ignorance. ?

Leaving (sic) you with:
DSCN1043[Tarrega door. Shut closed.]

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