Postdictions 2014-IV and Final

A progress report on the Predictions 2014 I made in several posts here, at the end of the year. So, going for final verdicts. And quite a score and end result…
I gathered some evidence, but probably you have much more of that re the items below. Do please raise your hand / comment with links; I’ll attribute my sources ;-]

First, of course, a picture:
[Yes this one one more time, as the future’s the flip side of the past …]

So, there they are, with the items collected from several posts and already updated several times before hence I’ll just highlight a few things:

Trust ✓ And double-check. Maybe the issue slowed in attention over the course of the year, but… intermediate and final kickers make this one a true ✓
Identity Hmmm, recurrent issues with strength of pwd methodologies, but for the rest… oh there’s XYZcoin with its trust-through-maximum-distribution-and-maximum-anonymity …! ✓
Things Oh absolutely ✓ Or you’re surfing blind. Is that an expression, yet ..?
Social Ello, Viv, etc., and for the rest, it has all been Business As Usual. Which makes it a ✓
Mobile Has truly gone to the Expired phase when all-platform(-agnostic) design has come and gone as a hype and has turned into a basic requirement. ✓
Analytics After the evangelists, now into the BAU lands. ✓
Cloud Mehhh! ✓ It’s Docker that will be next year’s Thing. Note that.
Demise of ERP, the Have almost heard nothing let alone ‘exiting’ about this. So ✓
InfoSec on the steep rise Even if we haven’t seen enough on this!

On APTs: Almost the only interesting thing aaround, still. ✓
On certification vulnerabilities: In hiding. Still there. Ssssht, will hit. Suddenly. ✓ without you knowing it.
On crypto-failures, in the implementations: Quite some news in the underwires… you may not have noticed, but the in-crowd has. Definite ✓
On quantum computing: – still not too much – which is something of a surprise. No ✓ here. Despite this late entry.
On methodological renewal; as it was: Some progress here and there, close to a ✓
Deflation of TLD As per ERP above. ✓ as the logical and methodological failures have prevented anyone to attach oneself to it for risk of looking dumb. Except for the ones still clinging to it, where the risk has materialized…
Subtotal Well, let’s call it an off the cuff 95%+, being an A+ indeed.

The faint of heart wouldn’t necessarily want to speak the bold characters out loud. And my nerw predictions are out there already; see the December 9th post.
Which leaves me to a link that you may want to get for me, for ‘winning’ my own predictions contest. Thank you!

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