Careful times

This day and age, one cannot be too careful with one’s digital traces. To the point where normal functioning in modern society is impacted. And then, that’s not enough. Your mere existence may cause trouble by you not being the only one recording your life. As in this here piece

Which, apart from its many manifest errors of thought on the side of the wannabe good guys that by being absolute n00b sorcerer’s apprentices at best, has this nugget of inhumanity: “The RMV itself was unsympathetic, claiming that it was the accused individual’s “burden” to clear his or her name in the event of any mistakes, and arguing that the pros of protecting the public far outweighed the inconvenience to the wrongly targeted few”. Well, if you think that, you might as well join terrorists in the Middle East; they think the same and wouldn’t be allowed to be at all, in any functioning society.

Well, I’ll stop now before suggesting the ones doing such erroneous thinking should be locked up safely in some asylum of the old kind, and leave you with a calming:
20141101_150551[1][On how life actually is]

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