Privvezee Sheelde ..?

Hey anyone out there know what the status is of Privacy Shield …?
Wasn’t it supposed to have gone down per … 1 September 2018 which is the day before yesterday which may or may not have been no day too soon. Or have I missed something.

And/or Now What ??

Do we have to find all private and public institutions that use any form of ‘the Cloud’ to be in gross non-compliance with e.g., the GDPR until proven (sic!) innocent? Since that is the Prove Me attitude still prevalent, hoewever in contradiction to the morale of universal human rights.
[Yes I know; human rights don’t apply to organisations, organisations only have personhood to effect supersuperhuman rights to subvert democracies into farcehood etc…]

So, Facebook et al. will have to have been shut down completely in the EU per last weekend, right? Why isn’t Mark Z. and posse been rounded up, cuffed and thrown into the slammer, if you allow me the soon-not-to-be-EU-good-riddance(?)-country’s slang?
Why also there’s the question on the table whether it is indeed privvezee sheelde or pr-aye-vesee shielt.

Anyway, see how bizarre it gets when one states the actual in common language. Leaving you with:

[Name that building … appropriately; Vienna]

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