Publi(li)us Series; part IV

OK, the fourth part of a series, on quotes of the guy that went from Publius to Publilius Syrus in a century, after having been forgotten [Oh! How unduly! How unfortunate! Hence this series] for a century or fifteen. As they’re handily numbered already and in fitting English (not too modern i.e. simplified, dumbed down), but quite a few may be enhanced by some frills of mine, I’ll take mine from an 1856 translation. Getting on steam. Series 451-800 today:

451. It is bad management when we suffer Fortune to be our guide.
How far-sighted. What an accurate description of just about any corporate ‘strategy’ (quod non). When your already had the eerie feeling of this saying (probably without actually having worded it this way), notice the ‘suffer’ part which is your feeling.

453. Supreme power may be lost by an abuse of power.
A word to the wise. And to supreme powers everywhere.

469. It is a bad plan that admits of no modification.
Slack resources! Any project success chance is inversely proportional to its slack resources!

475. When the ill-inclined cannot do mischief, they still dream of it.
Aint-fraudsters beware. And InfoSec’ers as well. 100% security is a pipe dream.

480. When you are at sea, keep clear of the land.
I.e., don’t go into harbour when you’re enterpreneuring.

501. To depend on another’s nod for a livelihood, is a sad destiny.
The Levi’s one 😐 but true, these days when you think of multiple hamburger jobs per capita not even providing a living wage.

520. Seek to please many, and you seek a failure.
P.T. Barnum was correct. And, see the labor de-specialisation of today, coupled with the (g)local focus of sufficiency over world domination.

561. There is no fruit which is not bitter before it is ripe.
So, don’t IPO too early. Also, flip-sidedly don’t invest too early.

571. It is only the ignorant who despise education.
When advice is offered, take it. But chew on it [this was somewhere else in Syrus’ but skipped for obviousness].

573. He can best avoid a snare who knows how to set one.
It takes a thief, but skewed to the positive. (?)

581. It is not every question that deserves an answer.
You keep questioning me.

586. No scar is dishonourable which is a mark of our courage.
Personally, agree. See my resume. To have tried to live (work) virtuously, is better than to have settled in under the wicked.

596. You cannot put the same shoe on every foot.
Beware, you ‘standard’ setters!

597. Do not suppose everything will come to pass as you have arranged for it.
See some previous issue of this series; Von Moltke.

599. Don’t consider how many you can please, but whom.
Licking up, kicking down, or be ware to target the virtuous only ..?

601. It is not safe to play a game of wits with kings.
I beg to differ as I’m the court jester – knowing how far (not) to push it.

613. Crimes are most easily concealed in the midst of a crowd.
Hide in plain sight, but duck and disguise.

632. A cheerful obedience is universal, when the worthy bear rule.
By smart, wise rules-setting, compliance needs not be enforced but follows voluntarily.

645. By tolerating many abuses, we encourage the assaults of such as we cannot tolerate.
Zero tolerance ..? There’s a stretch bandwidth between some and many..!

673. he who has plenty of pepper, will pepper his cabbage.
Nothing on turnips, though.

691. Freedom alone is the source of noble action.
Hence, get free. Then act out of virtue (which is possible for the free only).

699. When you have good materials, have good workmen.
So when you’re the material, hope for a good boss…

715. God looks at the clean hands, not the full ones.
One’s last dress has no pockets!

750. Pardon one offense, and you encourage the commission of many more.
Oh. Goes together with 645. Zero tolerance, still ..??

766. It is the height of eloquence to speak in defense of the innocent.
A bad spell on the equity of court judgements … if it takes the pinnacle of eloquence to mount a defense that should’ve been obvious.

787. What do you need of money if you cannot use it?
Investing money to make more of it, is inproductive to the greater good!

796. The wise man guards against future evils as if they were present.
Risk-manage wisely, my friend!

To close it all off, for now!
[Art to be appreciated; Louvre]

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