Singularity / M-jumps

Musing with the ideas, suddenly (?) resurfacing the last couple of weeks, of memes being the abstract ideas that spread over human brains like viruses do in the physical world.
Where ‘virus’ taken in a wide sense may include the mitochondria et al., would reflect into the abstract like algorithms and/or Turing engines / data streams.

But that’s just some analogy to just track back. My concern was (is?) with what would happen at the point where ‘machines’ would become so intelligent, or the physical substrate that information (and/or algorithms, analogy from the other side?) rides on, would no longer need human brains, human flesh and bones, to function, procreate and spread. Is that at, or past, or before the Singularity ..? I see [wanted to write ‘envision’ but one should eschew obfuscation!] various scenarios following from there various scenarios. Not all, too happy. Let alone for us humans.
And how would we call such points? Ladies and gentlemen, I coin ‘M-jumps’.

Your comments are welcomed. Even if you expected “you’re”.
Oh well, …:
[Just an off the cuff phone snapshot; Baltimore by night]

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