Came across an important piece of work recently on business administration (for all sorts of organisations, not just businesses). Of the sort that clarifies and enhances our understanding of the world around us, so we can act in it with more distinction, in a manner befitting our self-perception of Being On Top Of It.

But alas. Once one has learned [understood and burnt into memory] the list of definitions and differences that I was talking about, one sees the impossibility to avoid being implicated. Though one can still maintain the illusion of only seeing all situations described [I mean all, not every] in just about any practice and not be a part of them – an illusion it is, certainly for the/those colleagues you know. I for certain have such high EQ that I see mostly you, not me, when assessing an environment, you understand ..?

No really. I just read (in the one-before-last full paragraph of the linked) that what I used as can’t-do-without audit interview technique for decades [literally] already, actually is the pre-mortem as dubbed by a Great One.


[Your organisation. All the time. Winter Wonderland London.]

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