Unfreeze, the quest for ~ in business

How do Those In Business that deal with the all-sorts of überbureaucratisation, think the Second Law, of thermodynamics of course, wouldn’t apply to their work as well?
Let’s kick off with:
[Appropriately named the Airplane building. Zuid-As]

Happened to attend a conference last week. And was able to read back a great many days of twitter feed. Due to the utter boredom. Because the presentations were all about … introducing control frameworks, under the guise of governance frameworks, that aren’t (fact).

  • Still, all was presented as if there would be little in place already;
  • Still, it appeared none looked past ‘first-time’ implementation. Albeit that some (not all…) mentioned the repeat of the PDCA (some, as just an element of a PDCA cycle they, how Ecce Huomo, completely erroneously mixed up with the management control cycle!), none seemed to have had any experience with an actual (hence very shoddy) implementation of ‘GRC’ let alone found the root cause of its continued, law-of-nature certain decline. Law of nature, as the system of control of which we speak, having entropy-aversion as its rationale, will suffer from the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The entropy of a closed system never decreases. These systems, leak all the way, and aren’t rigorously consistent and/or stable in the first place. I.e., all these systems tend towards Chaos; no Man, half-god or god(s) has ever been able to (or wanted to!) prevent this.
  • As if the concept of Life Cycle wouldn’t apply to the totalitarian system of bureaucratic control that GRC is; the Decline has been set in everywhere as it has set in throughout the Culture Of GRC.
  • As if there weren’t already serious errors in the system itself: Trying, repeat ad nauseam, in vain to control the uncontrollable, to capture the thing that is defined by its escape from control, i.e., Risk.
  • As if it were a good thing to consider GRC as necessarily (sic) one-size-fits-all within an organization; all elements should be in all corners. That is not ‘governance’ (which already is nothing in itself) but genocide-by-dehumanization-and-slavery over all involved.
  • As if GRC isn’t self-defeating or rather, self-destroying by crushing initiative (that necessarily is over the edge of Control’s allowance; the more perfect GRC the more so!) and hence straightjacketing anything and everyone into tighter and tighter harnases whilst the competition, muddy-ocean to blue ocean whatever, would not overrun and eradicate your organization. ‘The fish starts to rot at the head’, here too.
  • As if… as if the step-wise activities approach still depicted, would possibly work anywhere and not fit, as any day at the office (sic) would be swamped with all activities all the time in an insurmountable mix.
  • Where the likes of Nassim Taleb did already prove that when one thinks to control better by being displayed less variance in some results variable, that is only a sign of the powers of nature prepping up for the big Bang that kill those very results. Which is the force of nature, demonstrated since the dawn of humanity to having plagued all systems of cooperation and society: The Apollo side may think to triumph, but the Dionysos side in Man will get even no matter what. The more the latter is pushed aside, tha harder it will strike back in unforeseen directions. No doubt; fact of godly nature.

You get it. I hope. Now, go understand Road to Nowhere.

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