The Forgotten Four

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Or les Quartre Oubliés, of course.
With a minute 0,3% of plantation left for Arbane, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Petit Meslier among the masses of regular (?) stuff in the Champagne, there’s a niche hence worth studying.
Voltis isn’t there yet. Would that be for Insiders only? Then Floreal, Artaban en Vidoc may be too far off… And in the mean time the CIVC has started crossbreeding. unsure about that period   The Top 3, Arbane, Meslier, and Gouais. #party
Fun to do research when there is so little to go on, comprends?

By now, I have the plantation of the FF down to the m2 per village/commune/hamlet. And some fifty wine makers that have cuvées with a modicum of FF.
Next up, I’ll have to find a way to dynamically link this data to 3D layered cépage+geology maps (what is grown where, which soils are underneath, etc.). And comb through the legislation and regulations regarding the FF, including where it may or may not be planted in the designated Champs bubbly region – or where extension might be worthwhile or preferable v.v. the Top 3 cépages.
As one side of a rather complicated equasion.
Side Two would be to figure out in-depth what the soils do to the grapes and their typical aromatics, what impact of globbel warming on those two factors.
Add side Three; wich producers are where, what do they do with taste, what may the future bring them and what will they bring for the future, what are the economics of the FF, etc.
Closing out with side Four on formal phenology, on agronomic comportment (yes), yield, et al.
Four sides that are interrelated, as part of a cube almost oh well we’ll see.

All this to be turned into … I don’t know haven’t given it much thought yet – a QO Cahier or Dossier or a lengthy article / -series, booklet, whatever. The Full View on the FF. Or, title-wise: ‘Status of the QO’ but that is obvious.
First, the data, the research. Then, the write-up. Onto: filling the gaps and networking with official bodies possibly interested. Etc.

[Once and for all: one will not partake in the overly commoner sabler! (in Dutch)]

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