Your are theirs, especially the embarrassing parts

Awww, anyone with me on loathing the abuse of Language by

  • Misstating the ownership of billion-dollar [last time I looked, still had some value; may have dropped any amount since typing this] companies. They’re not yours, they’re theirs. The 0.001%.
  • Misstating the ownership of you yourself. Since you are completely p0wned by them.

That’s what you get when you speak/write of ‘my Instagram’ or ‘my facebook’ or even ‘my socials’. Hahaha, you just said the equivalent of ‘I completely destroyed my privacy and have given up all rights to human decency to money-grabbing companies that [literally] couldn’t care less about me or my normal free functioning in society after they sucked the value out of my personal data and then don’t care and throw me away like a discard squeezed lemon.’ If you’re lucky, you’ll end up in the Asphodel of some ML weights but probably nahhh.

Stop it. It being both the tragic language and the sharing.

On that happy note:

[Your privacy ship has sailed once you come to utter such language-mangling; Porto]

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