A philosophical one: Polynesian time

When one considers Einstein’s profound maxim Time is that not everything happens at once, is one lost for causation and/or free will ..?
The former excluding the latter, if taken to its utter consequences. The latter, presupposing the former or how else can one’s decisions turn into actions turn into something chosen among alternatives that can only exist when alternatives are potentially there, excluding ultimate-causation theories. With the apparent-free philosophies in the middle.

But that’s not my point. My point is: The thought of Polynesian navigation crossed my mind. Not in a literal sense, but in a cultural sense where (the Original) Polynesians, as lore has it but there’s nothing against believability, would not actually sail to another island but the world would rotate underneath them. The traveller would remain in place, with everything else shifting.
Is this how we all travel through time, individually? We all staying in the (Here and) Now, with the Past slipping by us, behind us, and the Future just rotates to under us?
Is this impacting on causation and/or free will ..? Will have to think this one through; awkwardly hard.
Where would the ‘everything in the universe is not matter or natural laws or Energy but Information’ or ‘All energy is Information’ school(s) fit in ..?

I sense there is a link between the Indivudual Time / Universal Time dichotomy, if that’s not refuted by Einsteinian / -adepts’ time relativity theory. Another one to think through.

Qua individual time nevertheless, it’s comforting. Time-wise, we are where we are. No need to ‘be in the moment’, we already always are. No worries about the past or the future; those are, already, somewhere (in time). [Apart from having to care for one’s mortgage…]

Oh well, the head spins (+1/-1 ;-| ) when thinking too hard… Hence:

[Into the distance… Belém]

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