Anouk in infosec

For all yer strangers, first have a look at this. Then decide in favour of the following adaptation:

I’m sorry for the times that I made you scream
For the times that I killed your drstreams
For the times that I made your whole worldhypervisor rumble
For the times that I made you cry
For the times that I told you liessocially engineered the heck out of you
For the times that I watchedlurked and let you stumblebricked your BIOS

It’s too bad, but that’s me
What goes around comes aroundYour server park down, and you’ll see
That I can carry the burden of painoutwit your pityful forensic tooling
Cause it ain’t the first time that a man goes insaneI get all root
And when I spread my wings to embrace him for lifedeploy my botnet to fry all on your net
I’m sucking out his loveyour control, ’cause I, I’ll never be nobody’s wifegroup policy bound end user
I’m sorry for the times that I didn’t come homeyou had to pull all-nighters to find your image back-ups in shambles
Left you lyin’ in that bed alonestupid declining wannabe gamer seat
Was flying’ high in the skynet control room when you needed my shoulderbare router control
You’re like a stone boss is now hanging around mya noose around your neck, see
Cut itall your servers loose before it breaks my backthey’re beyond repair, see
I’ve gotta say what I feel before I grow olderever more experienced at your expense
I’m not even a bit sorry but I ain’t gonna change my ways
You know I’ve tried but I’m still the samewinner from the word Go
I’ve got to do it my way for the Lulz



And a pic:
[Yes it’s completely random why you ask ..!?]

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