At a tangent to many great posts on, e.g., LinkedIn, regarding kuh-rypto-stuff mostly and how that should be done, e.g., by some expert writers and others, two things sprang up that would make for excellent ‘AI for Good’ study projects:

  • Quipu deciphering – typically, cryptographers haven’t been able to tackle the decryption but wouldn’t machine learning, possibly in combination with advanced language processing analytics / methodology, be able to establish non-human-recognisable patterns ..?
  • Celtic ruin runes to real conversation – a typical interpolation effort, it seems, squared with pattern matching errr… identification first. Oh, and where I wrote Celtic ruin runes, it should of course read ‘old French jumble’, easing the challenge considerably but would have been semi-pleonastic.

Yes I was looking for a 3rd challenge, ’cause I dislike devil’s numbers since they refer to duality that is such Luciferian cause for Disruption in all the world’s wisdom traditions. Even the Chinese Yin-Yang has this ‘need’ for balance, and the Native Americans / First Nations have the Trickster being the unruly against the Stable One [noting that there, too, the Trickster is fully 100% essential for the Creation and onward creations to exist at all ..!], and … , and …:

And where are all the students that want to get all the attention that solving an above riddle may nay will bring, globally ..? Please report to your local grad advisor; I’ll be glad to support your efforts with praise and attention.

And this:

[Not a riddle as much … Casa de Musica Porto, detail with attempt at art’sy effect]

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