Mining to robo

Anyone out there that can share a clear case of an actual application of process mining … in order to move onto RPA ..?
Was thinking. That happens. A lot. All the time. With me, that is. Process mining currently is used in e.g., accountancy, to ‘get a grip’ on actual transaction flows. That may nay always have some portion of deviation from the ‘intended’, designed one-size-fits-all transaction straight jacket. Yes, always.

Now I don’t care about that, as reality just doesn’t let fit itself into some pipe dream one flow, and also don’t care that process mining is used to get that grip, mostly through visualisation and random qualitative professional judgment of admissibility of deviations. In the interim of the annual accounts verification. Yes, dear reader, it’s verification time ..! Falsification is just too easy; child’s play hence not even auditors’ play.
But … can’t the stratification of ‘actual’ process flows, not help enormously with RPA ..? Since with that, too, one strives for as little deviation from the once dreamt-up ideal process flows but will fail when deviations are not allowed. Can one turn the visual thing, which is driven by ‘automated’ analysis and capture in some form of electronic representation already, applying some form of point-and-click pruning, into sufficiently stratified and already-in-code capture so that the transform into RPA can be done automatically ..? Using Low-to-No Code solutions, this should be easy.

Or… hence the call for response … is this done already prolifically ..? Please reply, then.
Otherwise, isn’t it worth pursuing?

[Edited to add: No it’s not about screen scraping. Maybe not far off ..?]

But …:

[Do pick your battlefield(s) carefully; e.g. at Battle near Hastings]

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