When the economy is moving to platforms as the core structure, can we do e.g., AI / data analysis as a service, white labelling some stuff that all accountants will have to go through, to get State-of-the-Art to them ..?

This could go in all sorts of directions, but preferably in the one that has loosely (sic) coupled systems [in the small-scope sense, not the cybernetics sense], one or a couple for every stage of the audit process. E.g., for the Know-Your-Customer Deep Dive Stage (after the KYC before acquiring a client, and the acquiring) have some process analysis tools; for the risk analysis / audit planning have … [I don’t see too much in this plane yet qua tooling!]; for the data-oriented (all-data checking) have the Mindbridge’s et al. for the crunching. The latter pointing to a. having nothing qua overarching workflow management tools yet [No, not the standard workflow things; I mean auto/AI-gated stuff far beyond the triviality of ‘RPA‘ (UI Path and others) that is just handy but trivial automation; unsure whether this is a step ahead already], b. intricacies of learning / feedback loops year over year.

And then, all this should, could be white-labelled up in the Cloud somewhere (in the EU) of course; ease of maintenance and interfacing.

But heck, this is just dropping the idea, right?

[Drafted 22 May, so in the mean time there may have been some developments. Hope so.]


[But for this, no cloud-based thing suffices, you must do a site visit to check on quality; Valle dell’Acate]

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