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Lots’a discussions again, lately, about accountants’ fees. Systemic problems, mostly. Fat rates, but when [i.e., not if] the CPA is found out to have done (much too) little and/or knew about the continuity in doubt, there’s the ubiquitous “I’m from Barçelona”.
Fat rates were there to cover the insurance to cover your inevitable (sic; risk-based decisions…) errors. Unless gross misconduct is in play, which shouldn’t be hard to prove. So you’re rewarded for what, actually ..?
Why press all the underlings so they resort to drugs (yes; not me I’ve never touched them, but know of scores who do), burn-out or similar excuses not to slave to death for your lazy (sic) benefit. Until you can replace them with ML – also then, you may need some re-adjustment … as e.g., here.
Being paid by the very ones you would call to account … Right; are you ignorant below kindergarten level or wilfully lying about your ability to remain independent and objective? … That reads a bit harsh, even more than I intended. To add, this (in Dutch): with domineering ‘governors’/executives, one needs of fact more strict enforcement. E.g., on the independence thing and external accountants being appointed not by / through (the near-binding advice of) executives but by the Board of Trustees that represent all stakeholders but not the executives.

Maybe there’s a road (avenue..?) to remain relevant, by instead of charging for any best efforts (which are almost completely none of the two), you’d start charging for (only part of the profit of) your results.
I.e., you earn 10% of e.g., savings your advice [which is most of what you’ll be left with … based on experience oh a loophole] delivers to the client. Needs a. an innovative accounting mechanism at your client, b. a client that happily forks out millions if you save hundreds of millions even if your advice only took you a couple of hours. a., I’m unsure about. b., I know from 2nd-hand experience (18 years back) is a psychological Problem, on the client side.

Oh well. We’ll keep on discussin’

[A small overview of all the alarm bells and whistles that you should’ve gotten repaired at your client…; Noto, Sicily]

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