Car industry development

It seems that famous T may be in for some competition. Serious competition, when these qualifications come true in the real world.


There’s of course various ways this might work:

  • Big Motor – the Germans, Asian, French/Asian, not so much the classical US ones ..! – puts out some half-lame trials to confuse the markets and destroy the startup T. Happened before with DeLorean, remember?
  • The same, now gets into the game for realz, and wipes out Fisker first, and then famous T. “Thanks for creating the market, off we go and leave you in the dust”;
  • The same, try but fail. The ideal scenario, but hopefully the true one. And hopefully, other small-time startups will follow suit otherwise we’ll be back with one big Ford T company again.

And, could we change the designs so they’ll be more Karma’esk instead of cheesy early-’80s-like ..!?

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