Compliance Reading Short List (security, privacy, accountancy)

Just a shortie again, for the weekend when you want to come back to being on top of things, things being the behavioural aspects of compliance.
As too many of us don’t seem to be well-connected enough in the Thinking that goes in in compliance-science circles.

Yes there is such a thing. Yes I know you think you’re all working in compliance the industry, maybe even too much so. But you don’t think you’re effective – as proven by your consistent complaints the ‘users’ don’t seem to ‘get’ it.

Maybe … you should do the read-up this weekend by means of these four articles plus a short vid [unfortunately, may need a professional re-take but still…].

Leaving you with:

[No fun being at the bottom, carrying the top in the clouds; La Défense a couple of years/decade ago]

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