Decryptoners: Please chip in

[Since I don’t have the appropriate tools at hand…]
Remember I posted this, about two major historic Question Marks that are still out to be solved and how maybe the ‘AI’ community could reach out and prove their worth?

There’s more. Like, here:
+ Voynich [Isn’t this a class?]
+ Oxyrhynchus 90 [Guess there’s a great many others, too]
+ Charley and Hetty [Not the CSI one, … on second thought might be the same (age)]
+ Dorabella
+ Pigeon NURP 40 TW 194 [Deserves a better name, ‘Nurpy’ ..?]
And this list may be augmented. Any suggestions ..?

Yes this is again a call for humanity-serving research by aspiring [is the key word] young [of mind!!] intelligence/crypto analysts that want to become Prominent through an [I think] extensive combo of straight-on crypto analysis with not much to work on and no cleartext, history with scant [operational-detail level] evidence to paint [autonotsocorrect turned that into Paint but that’s quite another Nobel Prize worthy invention] a context, and multi-method evidence gathering and multifaceted analysis methods. A bit like real analysts’ life. Pascal’s Wager on the existence of the latter.
Would love to see e.g., stego analysis, too. ‘No milk traces ..?’

Or just use it as generic analyst training assignments and see what they come up with. If nothin: whatev’, they’ve learned to try and not succeed: a valuable lesson. If by any chance they’d find something: great!!
Though I doubt whether I’d want to live in a world where every unknown gets known. Too disenchanting. Luckily, politician’s brains are/create ever more unfathomable mystery qua ways of not being sane. I’ll stop now. You start cracking!

In the mean time, for your viewing pleasure:

[Unedited; suitable agencies and their students not too far off from here, right?]