Doing it RAIght

Following up on Tuesday’s post; a piece on how to do AI right.
No, its not technical. It’s more like a Do and Don’t… In this piece, you’ll read a lot of how AI can be deployed – until you realise that some systems mentioned that are intended to steer (nudge) employees towards ethical behaviour, actually are very, very creepy in themselves, and possibly illegal in a number of places / the majority of where you’d want to be if you’re ethically-inclined.

Oh well. The Law of Conservation of Trouble, right? Only good for a Newtonian world view, by the way.

And one can also study this piece; much better… Or this – that apparently was out (not ~ there) since Nov 2017 ..? And please also add this in the mix.
Not this one, terribly vacuous.

Which is a positive note to end with, plus:

[Trippy pic by accident, location no accident these days; side street in Toronto]

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