Fact, not AIfuzz

Very readable it is, and useful for your information, on the general state of affairs. This here report.
Already – ah! – months old, but still very, very good for a Summertime’s read-up. To be a better guru (link ..?), not follow the (dump) hype.

And it may be incomplete, and somewhat outdated. E.g., add this — in itself, also (very) incomplete as it has zero ref to Canada even when it mentions the old hand US in this… Hey when I checked back the site, halfway through April, it had ‘upcoming events’ till January. Wow.

But it’s better than relying on hearsay like case-by-case ‘news’. If you’re interested, ensure to be at the right conferences also, e.g., this one.

Cheers, with:

[Was it Strassbourg or Colmar? Who cares; Alsace it is.
 I care (at least my pic is undoctored…), as here:

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