Fighting the Fifth Estate

The Fourth Estate it was called, before it succumbed to sycophantry and fake news. The journalistic world, that by its moral code and behaviour cleansed the news so that the trias politica, and the populace, could do its job of monitoring and correcting each other.
Now that the fourth is no more (effective) [edited to add: some holdouts, like Bellingcat], but the Fifth is (Facebook, Google, … the Frightful Five), one might need extra resources to get the first few scratches of control back.
With this little device. An anti-bug. Not preventative yet, but detective with resilience against detection. Counter-intelligence.

Oh this was just a HT to the developers. And BTW, any half-decent TLA would support these guys [edited to add again: Bellingcat], for their adherence to lofty principles does in fact align with the ultimate, ulterior purpose of any country’s TLAs. Only the stupid will fight against noble straight-backs.

Oh and:

[Yes even HMs GCHQ would, in principle, concur. Or, they work for the Dark Side; London]

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