Flooding (news on global warming) versus stochastics

Where the headline reads like something to do with e.g., vintners having to look forward to having more acidic grapes, or moving North to be able to make light-enough styles.
Which is correct reading.
But this post is more on a current-day issue.

Vines needing really, really long to mature to anything useful, you know. Then again: Think of the vast expanses of Canada that will open up to winemaking… Oh Canada your promise …
And the issue at hand, being of Today. Where already we had ‘Stochastic Terrorism‘ – and now it’s to be linked to ‘Flooding‘.

Well, at least, that’s my idea. The latter, dumbing down the masses so Dunning-Kruger may take effect, and overly affect. In between, sowing the wind and reaping the storm with the former, ST.

See? It’s a double whammy. [I mean that in a culturally-neutral sense, excluding suggestive senses oh here I might have gone again]

Now what?

[the bite always looms under the surface, either from a local of from an ages-term outside view; Baltimore]

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