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Oh yes just to drop it like that. On history and the importance to know it. So that you wouldn’t declare just anything to be a historic, unique event like a launch of some crappy piece of software (if it’s good, you launch way too late!) we currently call an App – which might within a decade be a laggard petit bourgeois expression.
Even in historic perspective, a great many Unique events are far from it, by light years. E.g., the Iron Curtain in Europe. Anyone remember Tordesillas ..? And the Great Wall of China, similar? And…, and …? Or, as the n-word has become an absolute no-no for anyone of other colour, what history does it refer to ..? Don’t you use the s-word now, as that stigmatises a people that were so deep into that that their people’s name became the Anglo-Saxon and much afterwards English word for their very fate. Hence, to use the s-word now, singles out that populace and degrades them much more than the s made by their own peoples (sic!), also through the centuries around the world (sic) without much complaint by almost all affected then. False claims for preeminence by attribution ..?
[Not to disclaim the dismal, atrocious treatment many past generations received. Should be remembered – all]

To return: Claiming uniqueness of events, or forging history to claim its compensations for ills not received (in person), makes one look truly stupid. Widening the gap between true unique-historicity and one’s own insignificance in stead of joining them. So stop making yourself the laughing stock of the masses, you clown (by innate character, not by role – an honourable one).
Or I’ll claim my ancestors were driven out of Africa by the ones still there.
The ones still affected today, however…

This discussion will continue, for a great many centuries IF humanity allows itself that much time. Therefore, now:
[Defense / retreat ..? Andalucía]

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