How long … driving decision time / from data driven to driven by data

How long will it take, until driving is not (only) of the ‘auto’ kind [if I’m in a self-driving car – the very definition of the term ‘automobile’ – I will be the one driving; I will be the only one with a Self], but some industry can return to its technology testbed front ..?

Seriously; at what point will teams in the sport decide their drivers do more damage than good ..? This is just the beginning of course. From data driven to driven by data.

At what earlier point, will ‘self-driving’ cars be allowed to enter the races? At first, they’ll be at the back, driving too carefully. Then, some move up the field, driving a human off course at every stupid decision. #disqualified. Then, they move into the lead. Not fair, with their superhuman responses! Or … at what point will ramdon obstacles appear on track, to throw off the auto’s and profit from human responses (still) and this being sold as the way in which the software may leran to deal with real-life driving conditions?

Has anyone ever done a study into this ..? If you’ve seen something, say something: yes I’d like to hear from you.

Scarabées Rhinocéros, 1897-1899
[Not your average trophee; Musée Lalique, Wingen-sur-Moder]

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