Industry tourism

… not the other way around. Or, both.
Where the most afford-able tourists will ‘move on’ to ever newer places when things get too crowded, or just too common, they will in the end return to past favourites, when the wind of stampedes has blown over. Industries … do the same ..? Considering IoT is really turning manufacturing’s global movements and spread on its head, with the AI in-roads leading to e.g., a switch of human involvement from ‘hands’ to ‘brains’ [what a change! managers should fear …!], I wanted to start some economics analysis here but don’t have the right data at hand.
So, for the series, I’ll explore. Like, cycling from primary all the way to quartary (?) industry (administrationland), and back (and forth) in between, innovating as we go along … no, no this post is going nowhere. Must be Friday’s.

Similarly, I have no clue why this [own] anonymous Philly pic is here. Or is my account hacked and did some joker just put the above down as a claim ..?

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