Still going, maybe not strong but still

Would anyone have a list of ‘development’ re obsoletion of (tech) products that isn’t / aren’t ..? Like, e.g., email, and offices (of the corner-/cubicle- kind), and paperless.

As I was pointed out recently in a tweet (@MEFDeBock) where staff lose their trolleys but not managers. Of course not … And there was this consultancy (sometimes the designator can be used just to poke fun about unselfaware wannabees) that wanted to drop all email use.
Oh yes, nice; at least they try to accomplish change. Where they through their actions indicate to have zero clue. About what their staff want/need, what they’re made of, …
Yes, Change’s a hard thing to pull off. Told you so. But that doesn’t mean your ill-advised ‘enforcement’ will work; on the contrary.

But now back to the main line: email’s definitely still around. So is ‘offices’. Et cetera. Would anyone have a list of these, well not sea-change changes but second-level innovation ideas that were supposed to have become obsolete but are still around in, say, more than 20% of applicable contexts? Yes, that’s not 90% or so. Be aware that there sometimes (sic) are legitimate advantages in innovations. SMS… I once was involved with very first developments of that, deep into the software-almost-at-hardware level. It took quite some flight since, and now is dying out in favour of 1-to-1 and 1-to-many (broadcast/narrowcast) ‘new’ short messaging apps though the core functionality is still the same.

Edited to add before publishing already: this. Similar. And, by the way, I don’t mean the almost-completely defunct or disappeared casette tape, etc. – those are really gone and have so little comparative advantage…
And this. Rest my case.

So, your contributions please. And:
[A bleak future, today]

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