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[Colmar, of course]

Being in a Christmas spirit.

Just read a piece in HBR on ‘prosperity’. Which seems to hinge on the definition of that so much that it hurts.
It appears that ‘prosperity’ is slaving oneself to death … ?

Or is true prosperity about just working enough to sustain oneself, and have time to do the stuff of higher Maslow levels ..? What is the purpose of life ..?

We need less of the more, more, more when it comes to the ‘importance’ of money. We need more of … well, what? All religions, and all other philosophies on how life should be, have money as evil. Money is just a necessity, and shouldn’t be more than that.

But should we force people to consider for themselves where enough is enough, and what if we don’t like the results..? E.g., when the ‘rich’ are found to be incapable of thinking theý are well beyond Enough by any standard, can we take away their surpluses? Clearly not. But we should, as we consider them to be insanely, irresponsible – with their surpluses, lifes could be saved. So their lack of understanding extends to, in fact, killing people by non-action (Artistotelian sin).

Which brings us to John Rawls much too underestimated and unregarded Veil of Ignorance. But ah, politicians… Have we moved beyond the point of collapse of Democracy already so far …?
No, I’m not (a) socialist or ‘worse’ ;-] but still …

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