Long and fruitful lives

Again, the discussions re pension age turns up; whether those in ‘physically stressful’ occupations should be pensionable – even in this day and age, without any regard to subject’s want or not..! For 10 points, compare to slavery – at earlier ages. Use 100 words or less.
Where there never is any regard either for the starting age(s) of work. Most often, those in the ‘physically stressful’ categories will have started work early, right? And/or, have paid their dues, in terms of contributions to pension schemes anyway, or indeed hard work without much in the way of tax deduction cleverness. So yeah, when it comes to a ‘right’ to be pensioned early, that should be, should have been for a long time already you lazy … policymakers, in the schemes. And, for those who started later (like Yours Truly… much later but better prepped and experienced than my cohort, definitely), having to end later should come as not much of a surprise nor special burden. Nope, I didn’t mean pre-tired half-lives, plain late-r-etirement…

Whatever. Plus:
[When this is your work/-place, you’re not used up so early, are you? Granada]

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